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Business Advertising on Facebook

Using Facebook for business is becoming more popular by the day. In fact, business advertising on Facebook is what’s fueling Facebook’s phenomenal growth. This presents a huge opportunity for any business if done the right way. Now you may say that users are driving the growth of Facebook which is indirectly true but don’t forget that Facebook is a free service. All that ever growing Facebook traffic is the largest audience for advertising: facebook-advertisingThose billion Facebook users click on ads like crazy and the revenue from those ads is what supports Facebook. The growth is huge for Facebook income and some advertisers benefit as well. Notice that I said “some.” That’s because most companies advertising on Facebook make the same mistakes that are common with Google, Bing and other PPC (pay per click programs).

Discover how to become a winner with Facebook advertising

A big part of the problem with becoming successful with any advertising is the mindset that we take into it. Too many businesses view advertising as an expense when it should be viewed as an investment. Lets face it, we buy an ad and hope that business which we get will more than pay for the ad.  We invest our money in stocks, bonds real estate, art, etc with the same hope. However, would you invest your money without doing research and developing specific goals and calculating the risks? If so, please call me as I have a few things that I’d like to sell you!

To maximize the effect of any advertising, we need to thoroughly plan  and execute in order to minimize the risk and maximize the potential for gain; just like buying a stock.

Advertising on the internet has a few advantages over that of other media especially when sophisticated technology is used to target an audience like a laser. Most internet advertising is based on keywords which people search for things and advertisers bid on. The more searches and more popular for advertisers that a keyword is, the higher the cost. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing how many actual buyers there will be out of the clicks that you pay for.

This video explains typical internet advertising

This fact has led many businesses to lose their shirt on PPC advertising. Other than the geographic location, search engine marketing can’t target much beyond the words which people search for.

There is a better way as Facebook advertising is unique

Facebook has information on it’s users that the NSA would probably envy. Seriously; the easy stuff is the demographic information like age, sex, marital status, address, etc and using this basic demographic targeting is easy with Facebook. Facebook also has proprietary technology and tracking information which the search engines don’t come close to.

Take it to the next level

Using technologies like audience insights, pixel tracking systems, and other behavior mapping, it is possible to laser target the audience for your ads. This is called precise market selection and you pay for less clicks but get more buyers. There’s actually a lot more to it than what I’ve spelled out here and learning it can catapult your sales while minimizing the expense of advertising. This turns out to be a good return on your investment.

Now here is just a sample of how laser targeted advertising works

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